Our Advertising Policy Does Not Include Baloney

No Baloney

No Baloney

When you call us enquiring about rates for the locksmith services we provide in Toronto, you get the straight goods. No double-talk, no ridiculous rate claims and absolutely “NO BALONEY“.

Have you tried calling one of those services that advertises a $25 service call? When you start asking questions about other charges, they are not forthcoming with answers. You think that at the advertised price that it is a great deal. If that was all that they charged you then it would be an unheard of deal.

Unfortunately, it is too good to be true. The reality of the situation is that this charge only covers their travel time to where you are located. Potential clients see the low rate and jump in with both feet. You are going to be in for a much bigger bill, guaranteed. Some of those companies charge you for the first hour on top of their initial fee. The first hour charge could be in the neighbourhood of $75 and up. That attractive $25 service fee just went up to over $100 and became really ugly real fast.

We have even had their customers call us after this has happened to them, complaining about the price they paid and asking to get a price comparison. It’s a little late after you have been through this to do comparison shopping but we accomodate them anyway. In some instances our prices have been anywhere from $50 to $100 cheaper overall. Keep in mind that there is “No Discount Locksmith Service” in the Toronto area. You also have to consider that at $25, how is it possible for them to stay in business? It is an impossibility so there absolutely has to be a catch.

Don’t feel right about the experience you had and feel like you over-paid for the goods and services provided? If you feel like the company that you have dealt with has misrepresented their prices for the goods and services they provided to you, there are several avenues that you can go down to lodge formal complaints. You can contact Advertising Standards Canada to lodge a formal complaint.

Consumers can play the part of “Consumer Watchdog” since they may also lay a complaint against any company they feel is engaging in misleading advertising, even if they have no intention of hiring the service in question. Visit the Competition Bureau Competition Bureau of Canada which is a government agency of the Canadian Federal Government for further information and to lay your complaint.

If you feel like you have been charged way too much because the company you hired used misleading advertising, don’t remain a silent victim, speak out and lash out against untruthful advertising. It is your right to know what a service will cost you and it is also your right to complain about any and all deceptive forms of advertising.

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