Having Trouble Copying Your Key?

Do Not Duplicate

Do Not Duplicate

If the key you are having a difficult time with copying is a high security type of key then you would not be able to visit a big box or hardware store to get the key cut. They would not have the key blanks on hand to facilitate making a copy for you nor could they order them for you.

A high security lock provides 100% key control. It is designed that way so that the owner of the lock has total control over how many copies of the key there are and exactly who has a copy of the key. High security locks are expensive and each key is unique to the lock manufacturer. That is why big box and hardware stores cannot copy your key. High security lock manufacturers do not supply their key blanks to anyone. The locksmith that is registered with the manufacturer is the only one authorized to carry the blanks.

In the case of some high security keys it would not be possible to use a regular key cutting machine to produce duplicates. Many of these manufacturers have their own specialized key cutting machines.

We receive many calls through out the year from people living in condominiums who want a copy of their key made and figure that it would be cheaper to have a locksmith cut their key than have to pay building management for another key. In most instances a locksmith would not be able to cut this key for you because the key blank is usually specific to the locksmith or locksmith company that initially supplied the lock.

If the key you are having a difficult time with copying a regular type of key that any big box store, hardware store or mall key cutting kiosk can duplicate then perhaps the location you are going to has a problem with their key machine. Keep in mind that the person or people setting up the key machine are not trained locksmiths and know very little about the subject of key cutting. In many instances it is a high school student that sets up the machine. It really depends on what they know about the setup and how accurate they are at setting it up.

Perhaps you have tried to get a real oddball key cut at a store or kiosk and although the key is not a high security type, no one seems to carry the key blank that would enable the key you have to be duplicated.

If this is the case then your best course of action is to visit a trained and highly skilled locksmith at a real locksmith shop. They will be able to reproduce your key with little to no difficulty at all. If they do not normally stock the key blank to facilitate the duplication of your key then they likely know where they can order it from.

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