What ID Do You Require If I Am Locked Out?



If you are locked out of your house, condominium or apartment then we really do prefer to see a valid Ontario Drivers License. We will also accept a valid Ontario Health Card. Both pieces of identification need to have the address that you want us to open on it. This is the very best way that you can prove you belong at the property you need us to open.

Many people tell us that they┬ájust moved to that address a month or two months ago. We suppose that a lot of people just don’t realize that having their old and not their new address on their Drivers Licence or Health Card could place them in a situation where they are likely to remain locked out, even if they actually do belong at that address.

FYI: In Ontario, to stay within the confines of the law, you have exactly seven working days to inform the ministry of your change of address. We have been told by many people that they just haven’t had the chance to go to Services Ontario and change their drivers license address to their new address. This may very well work against you if you find yourself locked out.

Another way that we can establish that you belong at the property is through the disarming of an armed alarm system once we get the door open for you. Another document that we will accept is a recent lease. In the instance of a lease, we would need to contact your landlord to verify that he or she did not lock you out for any reason.

From our perspective it truly is a matter of our liability. The last thing we want to do is to gain entry for an individual that does not belong at the address we are opening. We are in the business of helping people protect their belongings.

Some people say that they can have their landlord call us and confirm that they indeed are a tenant. Our problem with that is it would be difficult for us to be able to establish and verify that it actually is your landlord calling us. Since we don’t know you or your landlord from the next person, we cannot accept this as proof that you reside there.

If you are house sitting for someone that is out of the country and you lock yourself out then we would need the property owner to either text or email to us a picture of both sides of their drivers license. They would also have to include a signed letter of consent allowing us to open their property for you on their behalf.

If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle then you would need to be able to produce a current drivers license that has your current address on it along with the ownership for the vehicle.
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