Deadbolt And Handle Lock Compairison

Deadbolt Lock vs Handle Lock

Deadbolt Lock vs Handle Lock

There is a world of difference between locks made for residential and commercial use. Usually, commercial locks are built sturdier and last longer than their residential counterpart. Commercial locks may be harder to pick open but this is not always the case.

In order to compare a deadbolt to a handle lock you should have some background in how the two are assembled and how they both work to keep you, your family and property safe.

In the instance of an entrance set handle lock, which is merely a handle lock that accepts a key, the latch that fits into the frame to lock your door is spring loaded. That being said, all entrance sets are supplied with a deadlatch. If installed properly, a deadlatch should make it impossible to loit back the spring latch and open the door.

If the spring latch is visible and installed incorrectly it may be as easy as getting a device between the door and the frame and pushing the spring latch into the door to gain entry. Perhaps a couple of screw drivers might accomplish this for you. Another issue to be aware of is the fact that clamping a pair of visegrips onto the handle and applying excessive force will usually result in removal of the handle. This allows easy access to a criminal with a pair of visegrips.

Unfortunately, break-in artists all know this too well about that type of lock and as far as protection of your property goes, as primary protection we would not recommend these for this purpose. When working in conjunction with a deadbolt on the same door it can make it take longer to bypass both locks before gaining entry. This may make a burglar think twice about breaking into your home and go off to find an easier house to break into.

For the best protection of your loved ones and your property, a well designed and constructed deadbolt should be your first line of defence. Once a deadbolt is fully extended it cannot be pushed back into the door by applying force to it. A well designed deadbolt will likely have a piece of hardened steel running through the center of the bolt. This will make it impossible to cut through the bolt to gain access to the property.

Other features that a well made deadbolt should incorporate are a tempered steel ring that fits below the decorative ring around the face of the lock cylinder housing. The screws supplied with the lock should be 1/4 inch in diameter and be more like bolts than screws. There should be a hardened back plate that is independent of the decorative trim found on the inside of the door. The lock cylinder should be made of solid brass. The keys should have six cuts and, hence six pins inside of the lock to make it harder to pick open.

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