Why You Need A Safe Room



A “Safe Room” is a room that can be located in a home or business environment and is used by family members or employees in the event of, an armed home invasion, an armed robbery, a terrorist attack, a burglary, an act of nature or any other type of threat to personal safety. A safe room is a good investment for home and business owners alike. These type of rooms can be expensive to build because in essence they are fortified fortresses and are usually only found in the homes of wealthy individuals.

In a home or business setting a safe room is a room that family or staff members can run to in the event of a threat to life. It should allow personal protection and an uninterruptible means of contact with the outside world so that those inside are able to contact local law enforcement agencies or local police. The room construction should include walls made from brick or large cinder blocks. The door should be made of steel right along with the door frame.

The locking mechanisms should be deadbolts and the opening between the door and the door frame should be covered over by metal. The door should swing outward and the door hinges should be NRP (Non-Removable Pins) so they cannot be removed to gain access. There should be no widows in a safe room because entry to the room can be gained too easily through a window.

Your safe room should include a telephone so you can contact authorities and get help fast. It should also be stocked with bottled water, a first aid kit, food and any kind of weapon you can have to aid you in defending yourself. Lighting, ventilation and personal hygiene are other things to consider when building this room. If you have to lock yourself into this room for several days or a week or more then you will be glad that you made provision for personal hygiene.

Depending on the type of emergency, it could be some time before help arrives for you and at the outset it is really difficult to determine just how long that might be. Every situation is different. Most spend the money on a room of this type because of very real, life threatening situations like a home invasion, a burglary or a hold up. The best place for the protection of your family or employees is a room that is well designed that they can hide in because no one wants to get confronted by a burglar or a gang of thugs pulling a home invasion.

Every family or staff member should know which room is your safe room. With a home your family should know where your safe room is and children should be taught how to use the room in the event of a real emergency.

Keys to your safe room should always be inside the room and not left outside of it. Authorities in your area should be notified immediately and you should let the 911 operator know that you are in your safe room and need to be notified by them when it is safe to leave the room. Above all, stay calm, cool and collected and wait for authorities to arrive and deal with the situation. Remember that you are safe in your safe room.

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