How Easy Is It For Someone To Steal My Car?

Sports Car

Sports Car

Generally speaking, the more expensive and high-end your vehicle is, the more desirable it is to car theft rings. They know that they can get top dollar for your entire vehicle or the parts of the vehicle when parted out. Vehicle manufacturers are getting smarter because many are now using a serial numbering system for the main parts of your vehicle. Even fenders and doors now have serial numbers. That is still no guarantee that if your vehile is stolen that it won’t be disassembled for the parts or be placed in a shipping container and sent somewhere overseas.

Today’s car theft rings are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is getting easier for them to drive your car away from your property by using the keys. Yes, we said by using the keys. There are programs available for the computer that allow someone to enter your Vehicle Identification Number and know exactly what the cuts in the key are in order to operate your vehicle’s doors and ignition. If your vehicle is 10 years old or newer then most car dealerships can manufacture keys for your car simply by looking up the Vehicle Identification Number. The only way that this would not work is if the car locks have all been rekeyed prior to this. There would then be absolutely no record of the keys and impossible to determine the cuts in the key in this manner.

This gives auto theft rings the ability to drive off with your car in the middle of the night, while you sleep and without making a lot of noise that would bring attention to them. It only takes a few seconds for this to happen and your car is gone, destined for either a chop shop or a container to be shipped to another country overseas. Some vehicle theft rings operate with someone who is knowledgeable in the manufacture of keys, perhaps someone that is associated with a car dealership. Other theft rings will take the time to stake out your property and move in to get your VIN usually while you are asleep. They will then go to the appropriate car dealership with this information and have them make keys for your car.

It’s quite convenient for car theft rings because they not only get the keys to your car but they don’t have to cause any damage at all to gain entry to and steal your vehicle. It is fast, easy and very convenient for them.

There is a way to thwart these thefts. Your vehicle identification number or VIN is usually displayed on the driver’s side of your vehicle at the very bottom on the left side of your dashboard. Place something over your vehicle identification number like perhaps a folded up piece of paper or maybe a business card. Anything that would help to be able to conceal your VIN. Don’t give thieves the chance to steal your car.

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