The Many Uses For Home Video Surveillance



Initially, most video surveillance systems were developed and put together in order to help protect medium to large businesses. They provided proof in court proceedings of break and enter or shoplifting and made it easier to identify and prosecute individuals that are thieves, burglars and shoplifters.

Video surveillance systems are becoming more common place in the home as the market has been flooded with surveillance hardware and software has made it quite affordable for the average person to acquire. The cameras have come way down in price, even the ones that are considered to be exterior with night vision technology are under $100 these days.

Essentially, a video surveillance system is a CCTV or Closed Circuit Television system. It is known as a CCTV system because the signal received from each camera is not broadcast widely and is contained within the system itself. A surveillance system basically consists of four components, a computer, a video capture board, a camera and the software to mate up the camera to the computer.

These surveillance systems can have more than one use in that they can be employed to not only keep a watchful eye on your exterior property and protect you from burglars and thieves but they can also come in very handy for a several other uses. With the invention of hidden cameras in clocks, radios etc, it is easy to set up as many rooms in your home as you like to monitor the goings on.

This is especially handy if you have a young child and are concerned about your nanny and the level of care they are providing your child while you are away from your home. A baby or very young child may have difficulty conveying to you what is going on but a strategically placed camera or two will definitely not.

A third use for a video surveillance system could be as a baby monitor. Many who have a baby or young child also have an audio baby monitor and can tell when things are not right but with the invention of video surveillance and it being so affordable you can set-up a camera in your baby’s room and actually see that your baby or young child is ok.

A monitor could be set up in your bedroom which would enable you to see what is going on in your baby’s room. This type of set-up can offer peace of mind in actually being able to view in real time and know that your child is ok. Monitoring your child each night could actually be the key to saving your child’s life as you will be well aware of what is going on in your child’s room at all times.

As you can see, there are a few examples we have presented in this article that could prove to be very helpful to homeowners and parents alike. We are certain that you could probably think of many more uses for these types of systems. It only takes imagination in order to realize the broad scope that video surveillance offers in our lives today.

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