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There are many sales people knocking on doors today trying to sell you everything from vacuum cleaners to home insurance. You should be aware though that there is a criminal element out there knocking on doors as well but they aren’t selling anything at all. These people are burglars trying to catch a glimpse of what might be worth stealing inside of your home. If you invite them into your home then you are allowing them to scope out your belongings and see what is worth stealing.

You can protect yourself inĀ several different ways that will out-smart them. When someone knocks on your door trying to sell you something, first ask them which company that they are representatives of. Then ask them where their head office is located. Request that they produce a business card and see if there is a phone number listed on it. Then excuse yourself from their conversation and leave them standing on your front porch.

Call the number on the business card and ask if the company has representatives knocking on doors in your area. If they fail to produce a business card that would be the first red flag. Use the Internet to do a fast search of the business name they have presented to you. If you are lucky enough to locate a website for that company name then visit it. If there is a phone number listed, call and ask if they have sales representatives knocking on doors in your area.

If the company you contact does not have anyone in your area at the time of your call to them then there is a very good possibility that your home is being staked out for a future break and enter. It may be a good idea to contact your local police department or law enforcement agency immediately and tell them about your suspicions. They may very well send a car around to see you and get some information from the person that has knocked on your door posing as a sales person.

Keep in mind that as time goes by, the criminal element is operating with much more sophistication. Even if you are handed a business card, it could be a part of an elaborate scheme. The phone number you are calling that is on the business card could very well be the number to an accomplice.

You can avoid these situations completely by simply not answering a knock at your door. There are however, alternatives to not answering your door. You could have an intercom installed so that you can still speak to the person at the door while you decide if you want to answer the door and have a face to face with them. You could have a video camera installed at your front door so that you could see what the person looks like before you ever decide to open your door.

The key to keeping yourself and your loved ones and your possessions safe is through vigilance. Quite simply, if you do not feel safe opening your front door then don’t do it.

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