Adequate Lighting Scares Away Burglars



The best thing to keep your home safe at night is to provide adequate and enough lighting of your property so that your neighbours can also see what is happening on your property. You want to light it up to the point where anyone even approaching your property can be easily identified.

With home invasions on the rise across North America it is crucial to have a well lit property and strategically placed lights are the key to better protection. It may also be a great idea to have additional lights on your property over doorways and over windows with motion detection sensors. The sensor detects movement and automatically turns on that specific light.

Windows and doorways are the usual entry points by someone trying to break into a house. If there is a motion sensor turning a light on then there is the element of surprise and the burglar will likely move on. There’s a good chance that if a burglar sees that your home is well lit, he will find another property with poor lighting so that he can remain mostly in the shadows.

Using a high powered flood light with motion sensors is the best way to illuminate a fair sized area. When adding lighting to your property ensure that lights are located far enough off of the ground to ensure that they cannot be easily removed or broken. If you have a video surveillance system then consideration must be given to provide adequate lighting for video recording purposes.

If your home has a garage attached to the house and there is a door to access the house through the garage then be aware that this could make a great entry point for anyone trying to break in. It can provide enough cover for a burglar to feel safe in being undetected by your neighbours while breaking in. A good idea is to have a power garage door opener installed. When the garage door is shut, it can only be opened by the remote control. Brute strength will not get the door open.

Another great reason for having a power garage door opener installed is that when the door is activated with the remote control it causes the garage lights to turn on. If there is an exterior door that leads into your garage, a good idea would be to put an overhead light above the entrance that is on a motion sensor so that if triggered by a burglar it will startle them and scare them away.

In order to keep the exterior of your property safe and secure it is imperative that you put a plan into place that not only incorporates adequate lighting but also employs the use of motion sensor devices to turn lights on and startle would-be break in artists.

With the motion triggered lights, it may take some time to get them set up so that they are not being triggered by someone walking down the street or children playing in a neighbour’s yard.

Providing just the right amount of light on your property at night will help to ensure that your family and property will be better protected. Someone who breaks into properties for a living like to work undetected in the dark. Keep your home well illuminated and don’t give them the chance to make you and your family victims of burglary.

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