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Beach Vacation

Beach Vacation

Whether you are travelling for a summer or winter vacation to escape the cold climate, we present tips to help make your vacation more enjoyable and worry free for you and your family.

Either travelling with a rented or your personal vehicle, be sure to have items of value either tucked away from prying eyes or in the trunk of your vehicle if it has one. It takes only but a second to smash a window in and abscond with any belongings that are visible and can be easily sold.

When staying at a Motel or Hotel it is best to remove valuable items from your vehicle and keep them in your suite or room with you. Expensive items left in the vehicle that are exposed present an invitation to theft and in a parking lot scenerio at a hotel or motel it is difficult to tell if someone belongs to a certain vehicle or not. Many thieves have become smart and are now employing a quieter method of entering a locked car or truck. Instead of smashing the window which makes a considerable amount of noise, thieves are now employing the use of a spring-loaded center punch. This cracks any window and then it is easily pushed in and noiseless entry is gained to the vehicle for the purposes of theft.

Staying in a Motel or Hotel? Book your accomodations wisely. If possible, do a check with local police forces to see if there have been a rash of break and enters at the specific Motel or Hotel you plan to stay at or the surrounding areas.

Directly get in touch with the Motel or Hotel by phone and enquire as to if there is a wall safe available in your room during your stay at their location. This will help you better enjoy your summer or winter vacataion knowing that your valuables are securely locked up in a wall safe in your room or suite.

Contact your insurance agent and let him or her know of your plans to vacation travel. Ask your Insurance Agent if there is any insurance available for the expensive items that you plan to travel with and get that insurance for your own peace of mind.

If you plan on doing daytime excursions away from your Hotel or Motel then you should carry a minimum amount of cash or travellers checks on your person. Only ever carry enough to cover any activities that you have planned. Find out in advance what the associated costs of those activities will be so you don’t end up carrying more than you really need to.

We hope that the travel safety tips we have provided you with will allow you to have peace of mind and better protect your personal belongings while vacationing, no matter what the time of the year it is.

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