Do I Need High Security Locks For My Home?

High Security Cylinder

High Security Cylinder

There are pros and cons to purchasing the high security locks available on the market today. If you want a lock that is exceptionally well built, can withstand attacks by drills, visegrips, crowbars, is unpickable and cannot be bumped open then a high security lock may be the right choice for you.

A high security lock also offers the owner total key control. You are unable to simply go to your local hardware store or mall key cutting kiosk and have them cut duplicate keys for you. In order to have a key cut for a high security lock you would need to be the registered card holder for the lock that you require a duplicate key for. You will need to produce this card to verify that you are indeed the card holder. The locksmith company that supplied and installed the high security lock would be the only one that could provide you with a duplicate key.

This would offer you complete control over the number of keys that are in existence for your locks and would allow you to determine who has a key to your property and who doesn’t. If you are going to buy a high security lock then it should be a deadbolt type lock which will offer you much more protection over its counterpart, the handle style of lock.

One consideration before buying a high security lock is the higher purchase costs involved. In some instances purchasing a high security lock can be in excess of ten times the cost of a conventional type lock bought at a hardware or big box store in your neighbourhood. The keys are also more expensive and could cost you anywhere between $15 and $30 per key depending upon the manufacturer suggested retail price.

Something else to consider is, what if you lose the only key that you have for the lock? You are then into an expensive job because in order to get your door open, a professional locksmith has to attack the door in order to gain access for you. There is no physical way that a locksmith can apply conventional bypass methods to the lock itself. This could be time consuming and very costly for you in the long run.

We should also place focus on another preferred entry point for burglars, your windows. The lock on your door only offers good solid protection if it is on a well designed door. Your house would also require well designed windows that are difficult to open from the exterior for a high security lock to be 100% effective.

We have provided a good solid basis for you to weigh out the pros and cons of a high security lock in your mind. Is a high security lock right for you or not? Only you can decide this for yourself.

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