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Video Surveillance Board

If you plan on protecting your home with video surveillance and want to do the job yourself then you need to understand the basics of this technology. It will be prudent on your part to learn as much as possible before attempting to install one of these systems. There are many home surveillance systems available on the market today. Some are pre-assembled and only reqire installation and positioning of the supplied cameras. Another system is one that you can build yourself to your requirements. This allows you to select varying types of cameras according to each individual application.

Regardless of how hard you try, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the whole idea of installation. You could find it impossible to ask all the right questions as you try to reach your goal of self-installation. If you have no computer building background then it may be best for you to purchase a complete system that only requres camera installation. If you are astute at building computers then it should be very easy for you to add a video capture board and software to either an existing computer or one you have purchased that is specific to this application.

CCTV or, Closed Circuit Television is a system that is self-contained. Anotherwords, the signal from the cameras is routed directly to the monitor and is not broadcast elsewhere. If the software allows access to the system through the internet then you will be able to view any camera anywhere you may be as long as you have access to an internet connection.

Get educated in the language of CCTV prior to shopping for any system. If you are planning to buy a pre-made CCTV system then you should do some studying prior to buying one so that you can ask relevant questions to make a more informed decision. That way you have a pretty good idea of what you are talking about and convey your system needs and requirements to a salesperson easier.

If you plan on building your own system then there are some considerations to be made on your part. The cameras you require will be dictated by the application that you have in mind. An outdoor setting may require that an area be able to be illuminated at night time in order for the camera to capture a useable image. There are cameras specifically designed for night vision. If you are going to use a camera in an outdoor setting and it does not have the capability to illuminate the area then you will have to provide a light source to capture night images.

Another consideration when selecting a camera is the picture resolution that the camera offers. Ususally, the more lines that the camera can produce, the higher the picture resolution and picture quality is. If you plan to use a monitor that has a CRT then you will likely only be able to see a maximum of 575 lines of resolution. The higher resolution that the monitor is, the better the picture quality you will be able to see. The image captured to your computer may be of a higher quality than your monitor is capable of displaying.

In order to make an informed decision you must spend some time studying the components that go together to create the system. The main considerations for your system are lighting sources, camera resolution and system motion sensitivity. This will help to determine what you really need for your system.

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