Which Electronic Deadbolt Lock Should I Buy?

electronic-deadboltElectronically operated deadbolt locks are becoming more popular with today’s society. The fact that you no longer have to carry a key in order to be able to enter your house or apartment is a very attractive selling point of these locks.

Battery operated, these electronic deadbolts require that you enter a combination much like you would on an electronically controlled safe lock. Some of these locks are even designed to lock about 30 seconds after they are initially activated so you do not need to use a key or enter any code from the outside of your door.

Some of these lock designs require a button press on the keypad in order for the bolt to extend into the locked position from the outside of your door. These locks have become so convenient for people that most no longer bother to carry a set of keys. After all why would you require keys if you can enter your code on a keypad and unlock your door?

A big mistake that owners of these locks make is not carrying a key. Most people put the batteries into one of these electronic locks and never even give it a second thought. Batteries deplete and wear down and depending on how many times the lock is used in a day will really determine the life of the batteries.

The best advice we can offer is, change your batteries each time you have to change the clocks in your home for Standard or Daylight Saving Time. If you follow this guideline you will never have one of these locks lock you out because of dead batteries. Then you will need the services of a trained professional locksmith to get your door open for you.

Today we will deal with the three main lock brands that manufacture and supply these electronic locks to market. Schlage, Weiser and Kwikset all make and supply this type of lock. Both Weiser and Kwikset have a lock rekey technology called “Smart Key”. These locks are known to have manufacturing defects and they are more difficult to pick open than a conventional lock cylinder.

Schlage has been in the marketplace for many years and manufactures a great product, however, you should be aware that their Residential line of deadbolt locks usually uses an “I Pin” or “Mushroom Pin” to make their locks more pick proof.

If you decide to put any of these locks on your door and you only have one way in and out of your property then you really should consider carrying your key to be safe. That way if the batteries ever run down in the electronic lock to the point where they can no longer operate the deadbolt, you will still be able to get into your house or apartment.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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