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Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt Lock

So, you have a lock that isn’t working properly and being a total pain. Sure you can take it off of the door and try to repair it. Do you believe you will be successful at repairing the lock if you do not have replacement parts?

We have experienced firsthand, many people who think they can repair the lock on their door. They remove it from their door and end up with a pile of parts that they are unsure of how to put back together. It is then that they usually realize that they need the help of a professional locksmith.

Many will go and buy a new lock from a Big Box or local hardware store expecting that the lock they have bought will fit right into the spot where they removed their poorly functioning lock. To begin with, you need to know what type and brand of lock you have.

Depending on the manufacturer of the lock, it may be so old that the holes in your door are of a non-standard size according to today’s standards. The lock you purchase may require a hole that is larger than the one in your door.

If you get lucky enough to purchase a new lock that will fit the holes you have in your door, there are several things you should know when installing the replacement lock. To begin with, any lock that you install on a door should be the right side up.

Basically, when you are inserting the key into your lock, the cuts in the key (some people incorrectly refer to them as teeth) should be pointing upward, towards the sky. The lock is installed in this manner so it can continue to function properly and provide you many years of service.

To understand why this is the best way to install a lock on a door you would have to know the inner workings of a lock cylinder and its related parts.

Inside of the cylinder there are chambers that contain lock pins and springs. Over a long period of use, the springs in some locks begin to collapse. If the lock is installed upside down in your door, this could cause your key to stop working. A locksmith would also not be able to open your door by picking the lock either.

It is therefore essential to install the lock in the correct manner. This information is usually covered by the lock manufacturer in the installation instructions that come with the new lock. Spending a little bit of time reading the instructions will certainly help the job go smoother for you.

Do yourself a really big favour and follow the manufacturer’s install instructions. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run and get the job done much faster for you.

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