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Video security cameras have become the norm in our society. It seems like you can’t walk down a street without a video camera catching your every move. With the great strides made in the resolution of today’s video cameras, image they provide have much more clarity than they did before and this is helping both Police and the average person identify crooks.

Many retail stores now employ cameras as integral part of their internal security system. This not only helps store owners identify shoplifters but also aids in the prosecution of thieves by being caught in the act of theft. During trial shop owners are able to produce a video showing the theft which in turn seals the deal for the thief.

There are many different video cameras available in today’s market place and the mass production has caused well built cameras to drop in price in recent years. This makes it more affordable, hence the massive explosion of video cameras in everyday life.

The manufacture of video cameras has changed recently with the invention of micro-electronics. This has made cameras very small and you can now buy items like clocks and speakers that contain hidden cameras. These types of cameras have been essential in the capture of nannies abusing children while providing care and has led to criminal charges of child abuse being laid against those abusers. It is likely that in some instances a child’s life has been saved because of these hidden cameras.

There are now wired and wireless cameras available to purchase. The wireless ones can be placed anywhere which provides flexibility that the wired ones cannot offer. A security system employing wireless cameras is an excellent addition to any home or business. These cameras are so small that they can be hidden in places that thieves would never suspect.

Many of these systems now allow a real-time remote video feed through your internet connection which allows viewing by the owner from virtually anywhere they can find an internet connection. You could be half way around the world and still be able to connect to your cameras via the internet to see what is going on at your home or place of business.

This is an invaluable way to keep a close view of your property while on vacation or out of town.  Some Internet accessible systems will send an alert to you by email if there is a motion detection triggered. The wireless cameras usually use a 9 volt battery as a power source which can deliver nearly 10 hours of video before the need for battery replacement. That is the only real shortfall of wireless cameras.

Software that is usually provided with most video surveillance systems has developed to the point where the software can be set up to detect motion which can be set up to trigger recording video to a computer hard drive.

As technology has progressed we have gone from the use of video tape to the actual recording of video to a computer hard drive. The recording of this video is only limited to the size of the hard drive associated with the computer running the system. These programs in most instances will free up space on the hard drive as it fills up according to settings made within the program.

Cameras associated with security systems continue to evolve allowing us a broader scope of application. Everything from a camera in a large box which is quite evident to anyone within it’s proximity and used as a deterrent to very small cameras that can be placed in almost any household object to secretly record the goings on in any area you require.

Whether used in your home setting to keep a watchful eye on a baby sitter to an application in a retail business, security cameras are definitely helping to make people’s live more safe and secure. Their affordability helps to provide peace of mind to the home owner and business owner alike.

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