Why Not Try And Pick Your Lock?



If you have lost or misplaced your key, opening a lock by picking it can be a good alternative.

Usually, picking a lock is something that can be associated with crime and illegal activities, but crime, isn’t always the case.  There are many valid instances where locking picking skills can be a real asset.  If you’ve lost your house key or have locked your car keys inside your car.  Breaking a window is an option but calling a professional locksmith is the best way to go. Hiring a trained professional locksmith will save you a lot of money in repairs and will get the door open fast for you.

If you want to pick a lock then you will need to know what the proper tools are to accomplish this. Ususally acquiring the tools is easy. Many companies on the internet will sell the tools to just about anyone, even criminals. You should be made aware that in the country of Canada it is illegal to own, possess and use these tools to commit a criminal act. If you are not a trained professional with the proper credentials then you will likely be arrested if caught with the tools. The Police will likely charge you with posession of burglary tools.

The proper lock pick tool kit will contain several lock picks and a tension wrench. If you have an emergency, and don’t have the right tools then you can use a hair pin in place of a lock pick. Professional locking picking kits on the other hand will normally include a variety of tension wrenches in several different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. There will also usually be at least 5 or 6 different lock picks to choose from. A very handy tool is a locking picking gun. It uses vibration to push all the lock pins up at the same time and basically float them.

In order to pick a lock, you should insert the tension wrench into the keyhole. Very little pressure is required in order to trap the pins and successfully pick your lock. There are many different ways to pick a lock and we will cover several different techniques here. Lock raking is one method that can pick a lock pretty fast. While using an agressive type lock pick, something like a double or triple mountain, apply light tension on the tension wrench while using a raking motion across all of the lock pins. You will know if you are doing it properly because every time a pin gets picked the plug should turn a little bit more in the same direction as you are placing pressure.

You can also use another technique where by you pick each individual pin, one pin at a time. As you are doing this you will feel the plug turn a little bit more as each pin is picked. Eventually you will pick every pin and the lock will turn over. Not every lock is easily picked and some you will likely never pick.

It takes hours and hours of dedication to get good at the art of lock picking. Some things you do will defeat your ability to pick the lock open like placing too much tension on the tension wrench. Placement of the tension wrench can also be monumental in your success or failure of picking a lock. It all comes down to technique. Picking a lock is more feel than anything else.

To become a better lock pick, there are many books and illustrations that are available to buy, which will show you the techniques one step at a time.  Sometimes a video on a Cd is included that will show you the different techniques. There are also many websites that you can learn from on the internet for free.

Remember, in the Province of Ontario, if you do not hold the proper credentials, carrying a lock pick set on your person is considered to be carrying break and enter tools. If there has been a rash of break and enters in the neighbourhood where you are caught with the tools, it will not be very favourable for you.

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