Buyer Beware When Hiring A Locksmith Company

Dollar Chase

Dollar Chase

When hiring a Toronto locksmith company to provide security services for your home or business it really is “Buyer Beware”.

How do you choose a locksmith service that will be outstanding in the services that they deliver, upstanding in the backing of those services and honest in the pricing they offer?

It’s Buyer Beware!

It may surprise you but should really be a concern that the Locksmith trade is not regulated by any level of government in Ontario. What does this mean for the average consumer? Buyer beware! Before you hire what appears to be a legitimate Toronto Locksmith company, you really have to do your homework to keep your family and property safe.

Without licensing, anyone can buy a truck, a box of tools, a website and advertise that they are a locksmith. What’s worse is that with no formal education or training, these self-proclaimed locksmiths are actually plying the learning of the trade on unsuspecting consumers. Some even advertise that they are licensed just to get you to choose their business over others and nothing could be further from the truth. Would you hire someone that takes your money while they lie to you about having a license? Any of these self-proclaimed locksmiths could also have a criminal record and you wouldn’t even know it. That should really make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

Read Off-site Reviews

In order to find a locksmith service that will deliver outstanding service, one has to look at any reviews that have been written about the company. Reviews should be sought after off of the locksmith website so that they are unbiased and real client reviews. Any locksmith with a website can write their own reviews, be very biased about it and post them to the homepage of their own website. Any locksmith that has reviews plastered on their homepage is self-serving. Their only interested is getting your money in their pocket. We think that this looks very amateur and unprofessional. They must believe that all consumers are really that dumb.

Check Business Affiliations

Are they affiliated with a school, Board of Trade or perhaps the Better Business Bureau? If they are a member of one of one of these institutions, should that satisfy you? You are hiring a locksmith company to help better protect your loved ones and your property. Will it really help to serve that end and provide you with peace of mind if you don’t know the criminal background of the person providing this service?

No Licensing But Are They Schooled?

Since there is no licensing and even you could call yourself a locksmith, you need some ammunition in your quest for the truth. Anyone who has had formal education in the province of Ontario will possess an identity card from the school they attended. A school will refuse to teach the trade to anyone who does not pass a strict criminal record check by Canadian Police agencies.

How To Stay Safe

This is how to tell if the Toronto locksmith company you are about to hire is legitimate or fly by night. When booking your appointment, tell them that you would like to see the card issued by the locksmith school they attended before any work is undertaken. If they tell you this is really unnecessary, you have your answer. Find someone who will show you this card.

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