Do You Need The Services Of A Professional Locksmith?

LocksmithAt some point in their life, everyone will need the services of a professional locksmith.

You’ll lock yourself out of something. Perhaps your car, home, business or maybe something else. Some people are just as happy to see us come as they are to see us go. We’ve been told previously by clients “I hope that I never need your services again”. Fact is, we’ve even locked ourselves out of our own service vehicle. We’ve also lost our keys before. After all, we’re only human, just like you.

Many of our clients are amazed at the skills we have developed over the years like lock picking, lock bumping and lock impressioning. There are also those who believe that every locksmith is a slimy and underhanded individual who is out to wring as much money out of them as possible. Although we won’t deny that the sneaky and underhanded element does exist, it is hardly fair to group all locksmiths under this heading.

Independent locksmiths are hard working individuals just trying to earn a living to support their families.

Some potential clients call and want to play “Let’s Make A Deal” with our pricing. We try to be as competitive in the marketplace as possible. Individuals like this believe that all the money that a Locksmith earns is pure profit. Nothing could be further from the truth. By the time we pay for our expenses like commercial vehicle insurance which is a real pocketbook killer. Then there’s gas, the time we spend on the road getting to a call. Having to go to our supplier to buy parts is also time we don’t get paid for. People don’t get the big picture unless you explain it to them. They would rather pay just $25 to a locksmith for a service call and get a poor job done by a less than professional individual or company than pay the full fare. In all honesty, you should want to have the job performed properly by a fully qualified and schooled “Real Locksmith”. Why would you want to take chances with your property and personal belongings?

Since there is no formal licensing of this trade in the Province of Ontario, pretty well anyone can buy a truck and a box of tools and claim to be a locksmith. This should really concern you!

Recently, there has been a big explosion of locksmiths into the Toronto and GTA market and you really have to wonder exactly how many of these individuals calling themselves Locksmiths actually have any training or experience.

Without the proper schooling, are they really qualified to perform the job to the high professional standard you deserve?

Something else to consider is that some of these self-proclaimed Locksmiths may have just recently gotten out of jail or prison and now they’re providing for your security. You really need to be vigilant as to who you hire to secure your home or business property. You could be hiring someone with a criminal record who is just waiting for the right time to strike and clean you out.

All is not lost as I will now empower you with the knowledge you should have in order to stay safe.

You can protect yourself and your best interests by hiring someone who has had the proper schooling. They will be able to produce an identification card that is issued to each individual upon successful completion of the courses. You have every right and should ask when you are booking your appointment if this card can be shown to you at the time of your appointment. Anyone carrying this card will have had a background check done on them by law enforcement. In order to possess this card they would need to have no criminal record.

If the locksmith company you are considering hiring tells you that showing you this identification card is not necessary then they really have something to hide and you should look for another company that can satisfy your request. Sometimes the cheapest service is not always the best. In life, you only get what you pay for. Pay a sub-standard price and get sub-standard service. It only stands to reason.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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