Can You Fix My Lock And Is It Expensive?

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Deadbolt Parts

Can You Fix My Lock?

A good question that we are always asked. In most instances a lock can be repaired. The governing factors include the age of the lock and the availability of new or used replacement parts. Had a client recently that had a lock with issues that needed to be repaired or replaced. Lucky for the client we had a used replacement spring latch in stock. We were able to save the client over half the cost of a new lock just by being able to supply a good used part to them. That’s the kind of company we are and always have been. If we can save you some money by replacing parts as opposed to complete lock replacement then we are more than happy to help you out that way.

It really depends on a few factors concerning repair over replacement.

Is the lock manufacturer still in business? Will parts made by another manufacturer work in conjunction with what you currently have? In our mind, it is always best to use an original manufacturer part as opposed to a different manufacturer but on occasion, parts will cross over and work between two or more lock manufacturers.

If you reside in an older home where the doors have not been recently upgraded there is a good chance that the lock on your main entrance door could be 60 years old or even older. The lock we are referring to is a mortise style of lock set. This type of lock usually has about a 5 to 5-1/2 inch plate found on the edge of the door. The grip handle and deadbolt are both located within the same housing. It is called a Mortise Lock because the edge of the door is mortised out in order to accomodate installation of the lock. There may still be lots of used parts available for this style of lock but you would be hard pressed to find anything new. Most of the companies manufacturing this style of lock are long since out of business. The only new part to our knowledge still available for this style of lock is the Mortise Lock Cylinder and it is very expensive.

When an old lock like this begins to fail we would recommend the installation of a newer deadbolt lock on this door. The newer lock has many great security features built in that just weren’t thought of in the 1950’s. The old style mortise lock has a throw of just 1/2″ whereas a Schlage B560 deadbolt has a 1″ throw. The throw of the deadbolt simply refers to the length that it protrudes from the door edge when fully extended.

There are other great new security features built into the B560 like a hardened tempered steel slip ring encompassing the lock face, 1/4″ bolts that sandwich the lock into the door that are virtually impossible to break by exerting force. A well designed solid brass lock cylinder and a hardened tempered piece of steel that runs through the center of the bolt that is impossible to break or cut through.

Overall, your best solution for better security of your family and property is to upgrade to a newer style of deadbolt. Schlage B560 deadbolts are usually only available through a Locksmith company or Locksmith Supply House.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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