When Lock Pin And Wafer Technology Work Together

There are locks on the market today that incorporate both pins and wafers to allow the end user to rekey their lock without the aid of a Professional Locksmith.

This type of lock is usually supplied with the tool necessary to change the key that operates the lock but there usually isn’t a second pair of different keys supplied to help facilitate a key change. Retailers that carry this type of lock also carry cut keys to make the job of changing the key that operates your lock much easier to accomplish.

Lock rekey is a term used by a Professional Locksmith to describe the process of changing the key that operates a lock to a new and different key.

Unfortunately, end user rekeyable locks do have their design flaws. The lock cylinder and housing in this type of lock is manufactured out of cast metal. If you are familiar with cast metal you will know that it can be very brittle especially small thin pieces of it are very prone to breakage. Due to the high instance of failure because of small cast metal parts that break off and jam the lock, we do not recommend this type of lock. We get called out quite frequently to open doors for clients that have been locked out by a Weiser or Kwikset Smartkey type lock because a small cast metal part has broken off and locked them out. The high incidence of this leads us to believe that eventually this will happen to all of this style of lock. Don’t fall prey to this.

Your best option for replacing a deadbolt is to buy a Grade 2 Residential type deadbolt like a Schlage B560.

The end user cannot rekey this lock but it can be rekeyed by a professional Locksmith. We recommend this deadbolt because of the many excellent security features built into it and the fact that it does have a solid brass lock cylinder housing and plug.

If you are a “Do It Yourselfer” then we recommend that you stay away from any packaging marked “User Rekeyable” or “End User Rekeyable”. In our experience, placing this type of lock on your door, you are just inviting future problems to occurr that will usually result in your call to a Professional Locksmith to help get your door open.

The best value for your money will always be a deadbolt that has a solid brass cylinder.

If you want to avoid and be worry free of problems then you should stay away from locks that have cast metal parts. They will eventually give you grief and cost you money. Our quick advice is to stay away from Weiser and Kwikset locks that have “End User Rekeyable” marked on the packaging.

We sincerely hope that you have found our advice helpful when choosing the next deadbolt lock for your door.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith



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