My Friend Has The Master Key To The City Is This Possible?

Schlage Key

Schlage Key

My friend claims that he or she has the Master Key that will open every lock in the city of Toronto. Is this really possible?

That claim is rediculous not to mention physically impossible.

Anyone who claims that is grossly misinformed and has been watching too many Simpsons cartoons. If this claim were true then nobody’s belongings would be safe and there would be no point to locking your door. For that matter, why even bother having a lock on your door period! Anyone who claims this also has absolutely no clue of what a Master Key is and how a group of lock cylinders can be operated by a Master Key.

It is not possible to have the Master Key to every lock in the city because there are many different lock manufacturers.

Not to mention that every lock would have to contain master pins and most locks in a city the size of Toronto don’t have any master pins in the lock. Have you ever tried to insert a key into a lock and found that it just won’t fit into the lock? That is because there are many different lock manufacturers that use many different key profiles.

If you pick any key up and look at the tip of the key you will notice that it forms a certain pattern which in Locksmith terms is known as the key profile. If you have a second key and place it next to the first one and compare the two key profiles, it is likely that the patterns of the two keys will be different from each other unless they both operate the same lock or two different locks made by the same manufacturer. In many instances, a manufacturer will have only one key profile that they manufacture. There are however, manufacturers that provide, in some instances, five or six different key profiles. One such company that supplies multiple key profiles is Schlage. With this company, original Schlage key blanks have a letter designation. The most common Schlage key profile is the “C” profile.

Usually, a Master Keyed group of locks operates with a change key. Each change key is cut differently to operate one each of a group of locks where as the Master Key will operate all of the locks in the group. Sometimes in a Master Key System there will be more than one group of locks and each group will be operated completely by an individual Master Key that is different for each group. In cases where there is more than one group being operated with a Master Key that is different to all other groups, there will likely be a Grand Master Key that will operate all the locks in every group in the Master Key System.

The point we are trying to make here is that a Master Key is not some kind of Magical Key that automatically opens every lock in the city.

A Master Key is such that it is only a Master Key when set up with a group of locks to have them operate each with an individual change key as well as a Master Key. If you were to take a Master Key and try to operate a lock that is not part of a Master Key System it is likely you will find that it will either not fit into the lock or if it does then there is a really good chance that it will not operate the lock.

Locks that have been Master Keyed are likely to be found in several different application settings. Several that immediately come to mind would be Apartment Buildings, Office Buildings, Condominiums or Townhouses. We have also rekeyed locks on newly built houses that contain Master Pins. Usually all the locks in a new development are made by the same company and all are set to a Master Key for the convenience of the builder. If you buy a new house we suggest that you have a Professional Locksmith remove the Master Pins and rekey your locks.

We hope that this has disspelled the theory that a Master Key will work all locks because it won’t.

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