I Need My House Locks Changed What Are My Options?



Your options are “Lock Rekeying” or “Lock Replacement“  

What is Lock Rekeying?

If you have standard type deadbolts or handle locks on your doors and they are not of the high security type then most certainly any Locksmith company should be able to rekey the locks you now have. In Order for your lock to be Rekeyed, a Professional Locksmith must remove the lock from your door and dis-assemble it. The Locksmith then proceeds to change the key that operates the lock to a different key. This is accomplished by removing the pins in the lock that allow the key you now have to operate it. The new set of pins will stop the old key from working in the lock. This is a very inexpensive way to change the locks on your doors. One advantage is that if the same company made all of your locks then the Locksmith can make every one of them work with one key. This is very convienient for the client. No more trying to figure out what key works which lock. Toronto Locksmith does not charge any extra to set all of your locks to the same key, if they are made by the same company. Lock rekeying is definitely the less expensive, more cost saving way to go for our clients.

What is Lock Replacement?  

Lock replacement involves removing your old lock from your door and replacing it with a new one. Sometimes the holes in the door have to be enlarged so that the new lock can fit properly into your door. If you are not sure of how things come apart with your old lock or how things go together with your new lock then you should hire a Professional Locksmith Company. The only time that we suggest lock replacement is if the lock in question is heavily worn because of it’s age or parts are broken that cannot be replaced. Lock replacement can be more expensive depending on the type, grade, style and finish of lock you want installed on your door.   If you are intending to replace your locks and have a Professional Locksmith Company perform the service then you do have the option of shopping around at some of the Big Box or local hardware stores in your area. This will provide you with a great selection of many brand names with lots of different designs and finishes for you to choose from. It is sometimes better to have the lock in your hand to determine if you like it’s styling or not. It’s not always easy to determine from a catalog or website picture if you will actually like the lock you are seeing in the picture. A trip to a hardware or big box store gives you many more options and choices.

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