Why Does My Key Say “Do Not Duplicate” On It?


Do Not Duplicate

Do Not Duplicate

“Do Not Duplicate”, Really?

On many occasions in the past 16 years of providing our Locksmith services to the good people of Toronto we have been asked to duplicate a key that has “Do Not Duplicate” imprinted on the head. There is usually a very valid reason for this to be stamped into the key head. If you present a key that is marked this way and ask us to duplicate it we will refuse to provide this service for you. We have had customers unsuccessfully argue the duplication point with us. If you look at this key duplicating situation from our point of view, you present a key to us that is marked as such and ask us to make you a copy. We don’t have a clue of what the key we cut for you will let you into. Is it possibly a Master Key that if we cut it for you will give you access to hundreds of apartment or condominium suites in a building? Copying this key could open our company up to many libel law suits. This is why any self-respecting locksmith company should never duplicate a key marked “Do Not Duplicate”.

A Master Key System

There are many reasons that your key would have “Do Not Duplicate” on it. Many large apartment, condominium and office buildings have a Master Key System in place. A Master Key allows building management or the building owner access to any and all areas of the building in the event of an emergency. All the Master Keys would have this imprinted on the key head. These keys are considered to be restricted only to those who have the authority to possess them. Again that would be building management or an authorized agent of the building owner.

A High Security Lock Cylinder

In many instances “Do Not Duplicate” is imprinted on the key because it is a key for a High Security lock cylinder. Usually a high security key offers key control. That is, the owner of the lock has complete control over how many keys are cut for a specific high security lock cylinder and who has a copy of the key. The only way that you can get a key copied for a High Security lock cylinder is through the Locksmith or Locksmith Company that supplied and installed the high security lock cylinder. You need to be the authorized cardholder for the lock in question. You are not able to just go to your local variety store, hardware store or big box store to get these keys cut for you. That way the owner can restrict access only to those that he or she deems necessary to have access.

We have many instances where people call us that live in condominiums and want a key copied that says “Do Not Duplicate” that usually operates the condominium front entrance door. Many claim that it is too expensive to have a duplicate key made through the Locksmith or Locksmith Company that services the building. Our prices are pretty close to the industry standard. We will not duplicate any key that says “Do Not Duplicate” on it. Any Locksmith company with a conscience will not duplicate a key with that marking on it.

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