The Lock You Should Buy Depends On Your Budget

Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt Lock

Many retailers carry deadbolt locks that sell for about $15.00 each. These are not the best designed deadbolt locks on the market and offer a very minimal amount of security. That old saying “you only get what you pay for” holds true with locks as well. A $15.00 lock will usually be ok to protect belongings inside of a building but not the best lock to put on your exterior entry doors when trying to protect an entire building.

These locks are cheaply made and offer very little protection for your property or belongings. Most of these lock housings are made from cast metal which is a very brittle type of metal. The ring that surrounds the face of this type of lock is usually hollow and lends itself to being easily crushed with a pair of visegrips. If you can crush this ring with visegrips you can get a grip on the lock face. If you apply enough pressure you can then break the screws off that hold and sandwich the lock into the door and gain entry to the property.

On The Other Hand, A Well Constructed Deadbolt Lock  

A better constructed lock will have some weight to it. The outside ring that surrounds the face of the lock will have a hardened and tempered steel ring that cannot be crushed. The lock cylinder will be made of solid brass. The bolt will be of a heavy duty construction that would require an excessive amount of force to circumvent. Many of these type of locks will operate with a key that has 6 cuts in it. These are a little more difficult to pick. Some of these locks will also have “I Pins” which make the lock pick-proof and bump-proof.

From a realistic point of view, if you’ve paid $15.00 for a deadbolt lock, you simply can’t expect that you are getting the very best lock on the market.

Our Advice

A deadbolt lock that offers a reasonably decent degree of protection will usually cost somewhere between $65.00 and $85.00 depending on the country of manufacture. In most instances, the more you spend, the more security features will be built into the lock. 

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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