What Are Keyed Alike Locks

Schlage Deadbolt

Schlage Deadbolt

What are keyed alike locks and why would I ever need them?

That is a question we get asked all the time.

Keyed alike locks are locks that all use the exact same key to make them function. In some instances they are available over the counter at some of the big box stores. Sometimes, the particular locks that you want are only supplied keyed different to the stores by the manufacturer. If they are keyed different then you would definitely require the services of a professional locksmith company to rekey the locks for you. That is, set them all to one key.

The whole idea of having all your locks set to one key is solely for your convenience. We are asked many times by clients if having all your locks set to one key has a higher risk factor for your property than having them all set to different keys. Quite simply, the answer is no. It is no more of a risk than having them all set to different keys. If you stop and think about it, once someone has gained illegal entry into your property, this really becomes a moot point.

Most home, business or store owners enjoy the fact that they only need one key to gain access to their property. You have to admit that if you had several different keys to your property and all the keys looked the same, you would have to colour code then in order to define and know what key operates which lock. Unless you don’t mind trying them all until you find the correct key each and every time you enter your home, business or store.

A locksmith company can help simplify things for you by providing their mobile service that attends right to your door and rekeys the locks and sets them all to one key for you. In most instances this service is reasonably priced and helps remove one of your headaches.

Something to keep in mind is that your locks would all need to be manufactured by the same company to be able to work with just one key. It is however, possible to set more than one manufacturers locks to the same key. To find out if this can be done with the locks that are presently on your doors, take each one of your keys and see if it will fit into all of your locks. You should also keep in mind as well is that some manufacturers use the same type of key pattern just a thicker or thinner version of it. This is why we suggest that you try each individual key to see if it will fit in all your locks. If you find one that does, then we can set all your locks to one key.

If your key only fits into several of your locks then a locksmith company can usually supply replacement locks for those that your key will not fit into. Then they can all be set to one key.

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