Protecting Your Home During The Holiday Season

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings

The hustle and bustle of everyday life is even more intense as the Holiday Season draws nearer and people try and get their holiday shopping completed before the big day. Many people go away during this festive season and this can leave their home more vulnerable to break and enterthan at most other times of the year. In many instances it can be difficult to have a close neighbour keep a watchful eye on your home while your away since many of them may go away as well. With this blog post we will endeavor to cover some of the more commonly overlooked aspects of home security and how to better protect your house while away enjoying the Holiday Season. we want you to have a most enjoyable, safe and as worry-free as possible holiday season.

The doors on your home are not the only access points for break and enter artists.

A very easy entry point that gets little to no thought concerning security is your windows.

To better secure windows that slide up and down or side to side, simply take a broken hockey stick or broom handle, measure the distance between the frame and your sliding window and cut to size. Make sure that it is a tight fit so that it cannot be knocked out by jimmying the window up and down or side to side. On horizontally sliding windows, be sure that it sits in the track for the window that slides. This technique is also particularly effective with sliding aluminum doors usually found on house rear entrances. Simply cut a length of hockey stick or broom handle sufficient to keep the door from opening and place it in the track for the sliding door.

Here are a few more of our helpful tips to keep your home safer during the holidays:

1) If you are unable to have a friend, neighbor or relative house sit for you then you could invest in several timers set to turn lights on and off in different rooms of your home at different times of the evening giving the appearance that someone is home.

2) If you have neighbors or friends that will be at home for the holidays then perhaps you could have them visit your home at several times during the evening and have them turn lights on and off and turn your Stereo or TV on and off as required.

3) Have a neighbor, friend or relative pick up your mail and any newspapers being delivered or you could stop newspaper delivery for the time period you will be away.

4) If you have a home alarm system, don’t forget to set it before you go away. If you don’t have a home alarm system then this could be the perfect time to consider having one installed.

5) Hire a neighborhood kid to come by and clear the snow off of your sidewalks every time it snows to give the appearance that someone is home.

6) If you don’t have home insurance that includes replacement cost then this could be a great time to get some. If your home insurance doesn’t cover replacement cost then this might be the right time to upgrade to include this.

Above all else, we want you to have a safe, happy and enjoyable holiday season no matter who you spend the holidays with.

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