How To Unlock Your Bathroom Door Fast

A locked door is not always a welcome situation. If the door to your bathroom has been locked by your child then you need it opened. Sometimes your child will activate the lock on your bathroom door and then close the door. This will usually lock your whole family out of using the bathroom. If you don’t have a second bathroom then you may need to get it open with some urgency so that other family members may have the use of it as well.

There are also other situations that one could deem to be an emergency. One of the worst case scenarios is a small child or an elderly person locked inside of a bathroom. This can be very frightening to you and the person locked inside of your bathroom.

In this edition of our security blog we are going to cover opening techniques to help get your little one or an elderly family member or one of your guests out of your bathroom fast.

There are a couple of different designs used by manufacturers of bathroom or privacy locks so let’s have a look at them:

Privacy Lock With Coin Open

Bathroom Lock With Coin Open

The first design is actually pretty straight forward and can be accomplished by merely inserting a coin into the slot in the middle of the handle and turning either right or left to disengage the locking mechanism in your bathroom or privacy lock. This is by far the fastest and easiest opening bathroom or privacy type of door lock available on the market today.





Bathroom Lock With Handle Poke Hole

Bathroom Lock With Handle Poke Hole

The second design is slightly different but accomplishes the same thing. Perhaps the bathroom or privacy lock on your door has a poke hole. Some are situated right in the middle of the handle that you would turn to open the door and some poke holes will be found on the rose (the rose is the decorative trim that surrounds the handle which is usually affixed to the door).

In order to unlock this type of bathroom or privacy lock you will need the tool that came with the lockset. If you cannot locate that specific tool then there are a number of household items that will do the trick quite nicely. The whole idea is to find something in your home that is the right diameter so it will fit down the hole. The object you will use must also be rigid enough that when you apply force on it, it will not bend. If the hole is large enough to accept it, perhaps the bent portion of a coat  hanger can be straightened out enough to use as a tool to accomplish this. Another household item that you may find is a good diameter and rigid enough to work for this application is a knitting needle. If you own an allen wrench set then one of those could be used as a tool in this application.

The object you use as a tool to get your bathroom or privacy lock open is only limited to the following three things.

1) It has to be of a smaller diameter to physically fit in the hole.

2) It needs to be long enough to reach down the hole to the actuator inside of the lock.

3) It has to be rigid enough that it can accept the force exerted on it in order to open this type of lock.

If none of our suggestions work then it is likely that the bathroom of privacy lock has malfunctioned. If this is the case then you will more than likely require the services of a professional locksmith company in order to get your bathroom door open. When this happens it is usually an indicator that the bathroom or privacy lockset has failed and is in need of immediate replacement.

Security Article Written by: Toronto Locksmith


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