Does The Locksmith Company You Are Hiring Claim To Be Licensed In Ontario?

Expert Lock Service

Expert Lock Service

To begin with, let’s dispel a little myth about Locksmith licensing in Ontario. THERE IS NO LICENSING IN ONTARIO! Any locksmith company or individual claiming to be licensed in Ontario is lying to you. There is not now, nor has there ever been Ontario Provincial Government regulation of licensing in the Locksmith trade. What this means is that just about anyone can slap together a website, get a truck and some tools, call themselves a locksmith and be in business fast.

What exactly does this mean to the average consumer? With the massive onslaught of supposed locksmiths with websites on the internet, it is really difficult, if not almost impossible to discern between those who are self-proclaimed and the real thing. In this article, I am going to provide some insight and offer some very sound and educated advice on how to discern between the two.

On the internet today there is also the website developer, so, lets deal with them first. They have figured out that if they can’t make a living at developing and selling websites to people, they can certainly buy domain names and build websites for a certain niche like “Locksmith”. They put together these websites and purchase domain names that target a trade and specific area like “Locksmith Toronto”. They then attempt to dominate those areas in the search engine results in order to control and grab up as much of the business as possible. Then they pass your call along to what they believe to be a local, qualified locksmith in their “Network of Locksmiths”. Mind you, these web developers really have no way of determining who is qualified to perform the work and who isn’t and they don’t ever bother to check.

The bottom line for these people is the almighty dollar. They don’t care if you receive the best or the worst possible service, the dollar is exactly what drives them. It also doesn’t matter to them if they have referred your call for help to someone who has a criminal record. Yes, you could very well be hiring a criminal to take care of the security of your family, home or business. Here areĀ a few things to be on the lookout for that will give away web developers who are playing this game.

1) If their phone number starts with 1-800 then it is very likely that it is one of these individuals. Think about it, why would you need a 1-800 phone number to cover-off an area like Toronto or the GTA, or, any other area for that matter? The only reason we can think of is that they are not actually in this area at all.

2) Does their website say “We have a network of locksmiths waiting to serve you“? Why on earth would you need a “Network” of locksmiths to provide service? Instead, wouldn’t you have “Qualified Employees” or “Qualified Staff Members” rather than a “Network”? This sounds just a little too fishy to us.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask questions when speaking to any locksmith company representative on the phone. If you live in Ontario why not have a little fun and ask if the Locksmith that they are dispatching is a licensed individual and wait to see what their response is (you already know the answer to this one). If they confirm that the locksmith is indeed licensed than tell them that you want to see the license when the Locksmith arrives at your property and before any work is undertaken. Should be real interesting to see where the conversation goes with your request to view their credentials. Let’s see if they can be honest with you. If they can’t then you probably don’t want to hire them anyway.

Now, here’s our very best tip of the day. This is exactly how to tell the difference between a guy with a truck and some tools and a qualified and trained professional Locksmith.

There is an association in the Province of Ontario called TAOL or “The Association of Ontario Locksmiths”. This is exactly where you would turn to in order to get the proper training to become a professional locksmith.

Remember how we told you earlier in this posting that you might be hiring a criminal to provide your family, home or business with security? If you ever take any courses through TAOL they always run a background check on potential students before they accept them. The applicant cannot have a criminal record or they are not accepted into any of the programs offered.

A criminal record could be the very reason that the guy with the website, the truck and the tools has never had any formal training. Now this is exactly what separates those who are skilled and trained professionals from those who are not. Any student that attends and passes courses through TAOL is assigned a TAOL identification card. As a smart consumer, you should ask the locksmith or locksmith company you intend to hire, if the locksmith that will be attending your call can produce this card prior to any work being done.

This is the very best advice we can offer you to help keep yourself, your family, home and/or your business property both safe and secure. This will ensure that you are hiring a qualified, trustworthy and skilled individual to perform professional locksmith services for you.

Security article written by Toronto Locksmith.


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