More Floor And Wall Door Stop Information

In a previous article we covered Flexible Spring Type door stops along with Hinge Pin type door stops. We will now continue with the subject of door stops by providing further information about the types that are currently available through local hardware stores and big box outlet stores.

There are a good variety of door stops that are anchored to the floor and many that are for a wall mounted application. We will endeavour to cover both types of door stops in this blog article. Continue reading

What Kind Of Door Stops Are Available?

There are many different types of door stops available in several different finishes and it really depends on the intended application, what will work in any given instance. We will endeavour to cover off as many as possible in this blog post, however, this may be a two or three part blog because of all the different types available.

Door Stops For Wood Doors -Flexible Door Stop
Flexible Door Stop

The most common door stop found in most homes is called a flexible door stop. It is basically a wound meta spring where it’s exterior has been finished, includes a plastic end cap that the door rests against and has a long screw at the opposite end which is driven through the baseboard found on most walls. These are relatively Continue reading

Save A Locksmiths Phone Number

Save 416-429-0075 To Your Cell Phone

Although you may never need the services of a Professional Locksmith it is always a good idea to have a phone number handy for any emergency that may arise. You just never know when you will get locked out because your keys were lost, misplaced or even stolen. Somehow, mysteriously, your key could just stop working one day and you need to hire a professional to help you open your door. We have had many instances in the 16 years Continue reading

What Different Handle Lock Functions Are Available?

Many handle locks are available in a variety of different functions each exclusive to a particular setting or application. Not all lock manufacturers produce the many different types but none the less, we shall endeavour to cover all the different handle lock functions so that you may become familiar with what is available at either any of the big box or hardware stores or through a locksmith supply company or a Continue reading

What Is An Offshore Deadbolt Lock?

Offshore Deadbolt

An offshore lock is any type of lock that is not manufactured domestically and is imported to be sold in a domestic market place. This type of lock could be manufactured practically anywhere like Hong Kong, China, Malaysia or just about anywhere else. These locks are usually manufactured to adhere to any local fire codes and are usually available in a number of different Continue reading